Thursday, March 12, 2009

poor little bubba

Today we had kaden's two month doctor's appointment, where he had to get 4 vaccinations (!!!) I cried even before they came in with the needles. It was awful, I never imagined you could feel so much pain when it is not actually happening to you. Little Kaden tried to be brave, and daddy was incredibly brave and strong to hold him during the whole thing. He seems to be ok, although I am taking his temperature every half hour (who is neurotic? me? no...) and it is steadily rising. Let's hope it doesn't get any higher than it is, or mommy will have a heart attack.

The doctor also was surprised at how "fussy" he was. I hate that word and I don't want him to be called that....I like to think that he is just extremely EXPRESSIVE! We talked about the possiblity of him having colic, but it looks more like it may be a slight case of reflux, and we may start medicine in a week to see if it helps him.
He also is a lil chubster for sure, weighing in at 14lbs and 2ounces, and 24 inches long. He is in the 95th percentile!

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