Monday, August 24, 2009

three years

Three years ago, I married my soulmate and we celebrated our love with a small group of our family and friends. A certain special angel parted the clouds at just the right moment when we were saying our vows and the sun danced on our faces as we started this new chapter as husband and wife. Three years ago...who could have known that this amazing little human being would bless us with so much happiness?

we spent the weekend doing lots of snuggling and having cozy time since nugget was still hurting quite a bit from his newest chomper. We went for a hike yesterday up in Fryman Canyon and he absolutely loved looking at all the trees and feeling the fresh air on his face!

I love his little tiny precious hands on daddy's shoulders

daddy teaching kaden about the sky and the clouds

our feeble attempt at a family portrait

and some other kaden randoms...

a random precious daddy and kaden self portrait that may be my new favorite

pulling himself up from his duckie tub to peek out at daddy

so excited to read the newest O mag

kaden in his birthday suit loving his new melissa and doug blocks

riding in the big boy cart with his new cart cover

cruisin around trader joes

I spy something that does not belong....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

baby smurf and random wednesday

He was giving me his best toothy smile! The two bottom chompers are in, and he is SO proud!

We were tossing Kaden upside down the other day when we noticed the top of his mouth is BLUE! That's right, blue like a smurf. We freaked out for a little bit, talked to google about it, and realized that it's a common problem that happens during teething. It's called eruption hematoma and it seems to be driving poor lil nugget crazy. Poor lil guy...I so hope this one cuts trhough soon and he can have a lil break before the next chomper comes!

In other nugget news, what an amazing little eater he is becoming! I have been making my own baby food, and it's so much fun to open the freezer and see that nugget has taken it OVER! So far he loves apples, pears, banana, avocado, sweet potatoes (YEAH! even though he absoluely hated it to begin with, I introduced it again this month and he loves it)green beans, peas, mango and of course he loves his oatmeal cereal! This week we are going to try peaches and tofu. I absolutely LOVE making the food, it's so easy, and I love that I know exactly what's in it, AND it's cheaper and more eco-friendly too.

Kaden can't get enough of the are some pics from playing at the park near our house over the weekend...I can't get enough of his little face!

he looooooooves daddy so so much!

his eyes are still a bluish gray!

His favorite new striped pants! Thank you Lex!

rollin around with his favorite brother.

Is there anything cozier? I think not.

a true california boy smitten with his sand.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Little Matthew part II

the LIVE version is actually even more amazing.....enjoy!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kaden channeling Matthew McConaughey

I came home from work yesterday and saw this amazing
visual in the living room.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

tambourine man

kaden has a new favorite toy...this random little tamborine I bought down on olvera street after a few too many margaritas on cinco de mayo a few years back! I'm so happy someone is getting some use out of it! Please disregard the water bottle on his playmat, no we are not slobs, that is actually one of his other favorite toys...he prefers water and sprite bottles!

Monday, August 10, 2009

you are my sunshine

This weekend was filled with beautiful days and relaxing moments in the park with the little man! Kaden loves to be outside, he gets this incredibly content look on his little face and just seems so at peace. We discovered that the park just up the street from us has a little swing for him, and it is under the big shady trees! He also LOVES trees, loves to be up on daddy's shoulders and staring up at the wonder and beauty of the giant plants. But of course he is going to "get" the wonder of trees, he is named after the most majestic tree there is!

Kaden is so smitten with the kitties. Simon is sometimes curious about him too, but lately Kaden likes to grab him really hard, and Simon kind of gives him a little kick with his foot. His front paws are declawed, but his back are not, so it scares the hell out of me when he does it! I try to model for Kaden how to be gentle with them, but I know he just loves them so much he can't help himself! Kaden was nuzzling next to Simon and Michael on the bed, shaking his head back and forth because he was so insanely happy, and then i started taking this video a little too miss the fun part where kaden is just out of his mind with happiness, but you can see that simon is not super happy about it!

Have a fabulous Monday everybody!!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Random Wednesday

Ferocious little poohbear impromtu photo shoot ~shot by the amazing Jena Cumbo!

Gabina took this amazing shot of Kaden playing with her sweet vegas sun visor.

In other news, Kaden's new friend Shivam came over for a playdate! Kaden was so curious about this little person, and Shivam was just not too sure about this big boy that was intent on stealing his cool bink!