Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TT Jena.

~Rocky Mountain National Park

I have been holding back writing a post about Jena's visit because I wanted to have her incredible pics to post along with it! This is only a handful of my favorites from her *collection*. She is such a talented photographer and I love how she is able to capture a moment with a quick click of her camera. Having her here with us in our new home made it officially feel like *home*. It was so comforting to have her with us and kaden really fell head over heels for his TT.

~we have almost thrown this couch out to the curb at least a dozen times, but if we did, what would we use for slides and fort fun?

~we had to take Jena to the Wahoos across the street. kaden's favorite restaurant!

~big train fail #2....after he got so excited to go on, we waited in line, bought tix, got super excited, this was his expression upon sitting down on the train.

~Jam session with Unk Braw and Auntie Suzanne

~little naked butt doing *bumps* good nite.

~Jena always makes sure no one is left out. She photographed our little furry monsters just as much as she did kaden.

~the leaves were just starting to turn in the mountains. so pretty!

~I love this shot of the airport...I am so smitten with the design of this airport and gabeen captured it beautifully!