Saturday, February 4, 2012

crazy snow.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! We have been snowed in all weekend after getting hit by a crazy snowstorm. My work closed for two days, all the school districts, the gov't buildings were closed, even IKEA closed early! I wish we had gotten out to take more pics of everything, it was all so pretty! I love this link of pics that the Denver Post posted, you can so see the joy on the faces of the kids outside playing! The combination of the snow and wind made things pretty brutal. We tried to take Kaden out sledding, and he went down one time, and decided that was enough! It was a super cozy weekend, and so nice for us all to be together, which seems to be a rarity lately!

Baby Miller is being super busy in there, showing me his crazy karate moves the moment I get ready to get some zzzz's. I feel so much bigger than I was with Kaden, and every move seems to be exhausting! I think doing prenatal yoga with Kaden helped me so much more than I know. I barely have time to brush my teeth now, let alone attend a yoga class!

Going to keep this crazy short, as I'm up to my eyeballs in end of the month paperwork for work. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

a few pics of the storm.....

~the snow covered up half of him!


~kaden tells us that he learns karate in daycare.