Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a big owwie

The little nugget had a rough day yesterday at daycare. Poor little guy! He was playing during "circle" time (you gotta love that at our daycare an almost 5 month old gets some circle time), and he was sitting in Margaret's lap (the head of the daycare), and a little boy tried to jump over Margaret to get to his sister when she wasn't looking and poor little Kaden went BOOM and fell on his face on the hard wood floor! She called me at work and from the way she described it, it didn't sound all that bad, but regardless I left work early to go see him and give him a million kisses all over his face. When I got there, my anxiety skyrocketed when I saw the look on her face. She had tears in her eyes and looked completely horrified. I tried to keep myself calm and I found myself comforting her, but anxiously wanting to see my little guy. So I walked into the backyard, and there he was, looking at me with the most pitiful little expression...and he had this big black and blue on the side of his face! When I took him, he smiled and I knew that he was most likely going to be fine. Margaret was so sweet and apologetic and called to check up on him later in the night. They are really wonderful people and I don't hold any hard feelings, I know they love him so much and they were horrified by what had happened. I called the doctor, (who must really think I'm a freak by now, it seems like I call every 3-4 days lately) and they said it sounded like he was fine and just to watch for vomiting. He played with me pretty hard for about an hour and a half when we got home from daycare, laughing and giggling and happy as can be, so I am assuming he is just a tough little cookie. Poor little 5 month old should have his first shiner! I tried to snap a pic of his owwie, but the flash makes it look a little lighter than it is.

We had the Boceks over for a BBQ on Sunday and Mike took the cutest little video of Kaden giggling with Daddy. I tried to steal it from his blog, but it's unstealable...but you should go to here and check it out for yourself. While youre over there, check out the adorable Hanna, she is SUCH a light and breath of fresh air! It was a fun day and we brought out his jumperoo so he could try jumping by the pool...he's still not quite into the jumping yet, but he loved being able to hang by the pool with his rainforest friends!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

eatin at the big boy table

After getting the thumbs up from the pedi, we decided to go ahead and start the little man on rice cereal. He caught on quick and seemed to sleep a wee bit better, but the poor little guy has been constipated for the past two days. We are going to switch to barley cereal and hopefully that will help! We have been massaging his belly and doing bicycle legs....any other tricks we should know about? Would love to hear what has worked for others!

I have been loving this 4 day weekend with him and I'm so sad that it is coming to an end. We spend the day at Americana yesterday with VickyV and the fam and we had such a good time! Jena Gabina took some amazing pics from the day that you can find here

Kaden's new favorite cd (and ours too) is an awesome gift from Uncle Brian...Lullaby Renditions of the Ramones. Kaden is so smitten with it, and the chimes are so incredibly soothing. I had downloaded some of the U2 and Beatles lullably tunes, but I have to say this one is incredible!

The pics below are from Chad playing "superman" with Kaden. Not sure who loves it more....

Thursday, May 21, 2009

brave little nugget

Go NUGGETS! Kaden's amazing Mamaw bought him this precious little Denver Nugget jersey set for our very own little Nugget!! He looked as sweet as can be in it! We even let him watch some of the Lakers/Nuggets game, and you could just tell that he was full aware he was rootin for the Nuggets!

If you look real close, you can see the little band aids on his outer thighs from four month vaccinations today. He was such a brave little boy! He cried for just a moment and recovered within minutes. He weighed in at 17 1/2 pounds and 26 1/2 inches, and is in the 80th percentile of his "class". The Doctor gave us the go ahead on food, and we are going to start him on rice cereal tommorow, with the hope that he will sleep a wee bit better in the evening with a full tummy!

So excited for the holiday weekend....4 glorious days away from work! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

furry little angel

Simon is so super protective of the little man. He could not be more in love with him! Here is a sweet video Chad tried to sneak of Kaden playing....lately he has been camera shy, and anytime we take the camcorder out, he stops doing whatever it is that we DON'T want him to stop doing at that is Chad trying to be sneaky...

Monday, May 18, 2009

fun with uncle brian and suzanne!

Uncle Brian and Suzanne came to visit and we squished some good times into the 24 hours they were here! Kaden was a little crabby because we took him for his first swim in the pool (or more like a little ride in his tugboat...courtesy of cousin teresa!)and we didn't think about how sleepy the pool would make him! Anyway, he definitely had his share of giggles and smiles for his visitors!

Above are some of the pics from our visit with them, and below are some tongue and toe touching pics! He sure if loving sticking out that little tongue of his!

Friday, May 15, 2009

can't help but smile

It's been a looooong week at work and I have been a bad blogger! It's been such an adjustment getting back into work mode, and I am desperately seeking balance. Every day gets a little bit easier, and Kaden could not be happier with his new schedule and seeing so many fun and different faces throughout the week. He is so smitten with daycare! Noah is the little boy that is closest to his age, and they just sit and stare and chuckle at each other all day long. too cute.

My only struggle with daycare is that on some of those days he must be overstimulated there and doesn't nap. So when he comes home, he is in total meltdown mode. This happened yesterday, and he was lying on the bed making that sad little pouty face that he makes, and mean mommy realized that she doesn't have any pics of that precious little pout. I grabbed the camera, and the minute I turned it on, his face changed to this.....

it's unbelievable what a ham he is! Just look at those arms go crazy! He went from complete misery to cracking up and giggling in about 4 seconds....he is too much!

His newest favorite things are holding onto his feet (I have yet to capture a shot of this) and his tongue! It seems he just discovered he has a tongue...I took these pics of him today as a result of me sticking my tongue out at him.

Monday, May 11, 2009

a wonderful first mothers day

How I love being Kadens mommy! My heart is so full writing about mommys day, I feel like my heart just may jump out of my chest! I love this little man with everything that is in me!

What an incredibly wonderful mother's day! Even though chadarooski had to work (one of the horrors of working in restaurant land is being expected to work all holidays in which you would rather be somewhere else), we had a chance to celebrate the day before. Kaden and I started the day off right by indulging in some aroma cafe lunch with my wonderful friend Gina, who is going to be a mommy herself in just a few months! This was a first as Kaden has never been out to a real restaurant before! I have always worried that he would get bored or start to go into grumpy mode. He absolutely loved it! Sitting outside was the key, and with all the pretty trees and it being a beautiful day, he was perfectly content! Afterward, Chad and I took him on his first picnic in the park! We even brought his bumbo chair so he would feel like a big boy (though I think the bumbos days are numbered, he can barely get his pudgy little legs in there!). Afterward, Chad surprised me with yummy pink champagne and his own homeade chocolate covered strawberries....soooo yummy! In the morning, I got to open all the wonderful cards (thank you everyone for all your sweet words!) and Kaden's amazing homeade card! I have a pic of it above, it makes me smile when I think of it, Chad is so crafty! Margaret, his "schoolteacher" also made a card from Kaden, that was supersweet also! I'm so thankful to be a mommy and to be the mommy of this most adorable little nugget. I'm also so thankful for all the mommies in my life, I cherish evey single one of you!

In previous years, Mothers day has always been a time for me to celebrate my mommy friends, but also to reflect on my own magnificent mookie who watches over us from above. It gave me such a warm and comforting feeling to share this day with her and to celebrate all that she instilled in me as a result of being such a wonderful mommy. I am so in awe of her strength and patience, and how she could just give me a certain look or say something silly, and no matter how upset or sad I was, she could always get me to laugh and feel instantly better. She has always been my hero, but now more than ever, I am thankful for her knowing exactly how to love me and for helping me to grow and to be the mother I am today.

I always imagine that my mother is a bird, and from time to time, I see birdies eyeing me and I know in her own way she is trying to tell me something. Yesterday, after Chad had left for work, Kaden and I were dancing to Jack Johnson in the living room (he sure does love his Jack) and a beautiful hummingbird came to the screen door and danced in front of it right along with us. It must have stayed there for a whole four minutes dancing and singing! We both saw it, and in my heart I think Kaden knew who it was too. Happy Mothers Day Mookie....I am forever thankful for you.