Thursday, March 5, 2009

bad things are bound to happen...

when you dress your son in leg warmers.

I bought a few pairs of these baby legs that are all the rage, and I think even I am starting to realize they are a bit ridiculous (esp for boys!).

I put these on my little guy before going for a walk, cause I thought his legs might be a little chilly. Kaden can't figure out if he likes walks yet. He stared at the sky and the side of his stroller for the first half of the walk, and then screamed bloody murder on the entire way home, with me running like a crazy woman with the stroller to get home as fast as possible.

I parked the stroller at the house and rushed to get him out of doing so, I somehow managed to bump his little head on the metal umbrella we happened to be standing underneath. He screamed like nothing I have ever heard before, a heartwrenching painful scream. I rushed him upstairs to our cozy nest (meanwhile the two neighbors that barely speak english are screaming "baby ok?" "maybe he is wet?") calmed him down, checked him for bumps and bruises, which thankfully were nonexistent. I called the pediatrician, and she said to just keep an eye on him...and that's exactly what I did. I held the little guy for a good 7 hours, and every once in a while I would walk in front of the mirror so that I could check out his head while holding him, and make sure his breathing pattern was normal. Neurotic? oh yes....I am starting to realize that motherhood+klutziness=insane anxiety.

I think I will leave the baby legs off from now on.go for shorter walks.and remember to breathe a little more often....

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  1. Jenny!!! I don't what warms my heart more Kaden's sweet little face in those "baby legs" or your adorable story about your little walk. You must be having SO much fun with him! He is just the cutest and I really hope I get to meet him soon!! Lots of love you to all! xoxo Cousin Nicki