Tuesday, March 31, 2009

kaden is three months old today!

Dear Kaden,

Today you are three months old!

Where did the time go? Time seems to be going by SO fast! I want it to slow down, but at the same time I am so excited to see what happens next. You bring such joy to our life, it's so hard to imagine that you have only been here such a short time.

You are starting to lift your head up a bit more, and you are even liking tummy time more too (thanks mamaw and papaw!)You smile bightens up the whole neighborhood, and your laugh is music to my ears. You LOVE books, and you are still loving all of your rainforest friends on your mobile, your super BFFs. You have started sleeping through the night, (with one wake up, yay!) and now that mommy has let go of everything she has read in her 7 books, and just followed her own heart and instincts, we no longer fight over naptime, and we are both much happier. You love to be snuggled close, but if at all possible, you want to face the world while doing so, so that you don't miss a THING! The car rides are still a little rough for you, but they have gotten better, and your face only turns a shade of light pink rather than purple....this is progress. Right now you are loving slurping on your entire hand, and your vocabulary has increased to include gooos and gaaaaas! You are so incredibly interested in faces, and curious about the world around you!

I can't wait to see what new things we will learn about you THIS month!

your mommy

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  1. Happy 3 months K!

    Jenny- Tag you're IT!!!!

    (come see what I am talking about)