Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Kaden does not want to leave our cozy little nest. Everytime I try to take him somewhere lately he hoots and hollers and let's everyone know how he feels!

I decided to attempt to go to the library with him again today, in hopes of finding a certain book. We went into the super quiet and peaceful library and I approached the information desk to inquire about where I might find this book. I could hear little kaden starting to protest, and then he let out a loud and clear scream. I told the librarian we would be back and scurried out, did a few laps around the library in hopes of kaden slipping into dreamland. After I was sure he fell asleep, I went back in looking for the book. Little man wasn't havin it, and let out a yell like nothing you have ever heard! We left again. We re-entered and scurried out of that library FIVE times, only to find that they did not even have the book!
This pic above was taken when we got home... there's such a satisfied little expression on his face!

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  1. Ohmygosh, the image of you guys circling and entering the library 5 times is really hilarious, but must have been very frustrating....I'm so glad you share these stories with us because this is totally something I can picture myself doing (someday), and now I will know I'm not the only one! He does look very satisfied, like he got his someone who doesn't read the library must seem like a very boring silly place! ;)