Monday, August 29, 2011

kaden's first camping trip....pic heavy!

~kaden's favorite part about camping!

We took Kaden on his first camping trip this weekend, and aside from the fact that we realized we left the tent waiting in our living room, it was a wonderful time! Thanks to Aunt Gloria who happens to live in the mountains close to where we were camping, we were able to sleep in utter cozyness! It rained sporadically throughout the trip, but it was really peaceful to sleep to. Kaden slept like a rock, probably because we skipped his nap that day, but his favorite part was definitely peeing on trees and rocks. It must be very confusing for a freshly potty trained toddler to be told that he can go ahead and go pee on a tree!

We all loved it so much and are hoping to go camping again sometime within the next month before the cold weather comes. I tried to pick out the best pics to narrate this little photo post, but I know there are a ton! So many good times! If you make it to the end of this post, I found two cute videos that I posted as a reward for making it to the end!

~after a bit of coaxin, kaden agreed to just "sit" on the four wheeler, but he was adamant about not going anywhere.

~inchin forward a teeny weeny bit....

~going for his first ride!

~he absolutely hated it ;)

We got a visit from Dave, Caleb and Jack who all rode in on their cool!

~rock climbin with Mamaw.

~daddy's lil helper.

~the gorgeous rockies...still with some snow!

~I love camping!

~daddy made a sweet racetrack in the dirt.

~The left behind paraphanelia.

Kaden has been obsessed with the song "Ol Dan Tucker" (via The Wiggles, though Bruce Springsteen's version is pretty sweet too!), and I have been trying to get a video of him rockin out to it for weeks now.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

*silly songs*

I am in love with kaden's daycare for many reasons, one being that he is doing AWESOME with potty training, he told me two times today that he "had to go". woohoo! And I also adore his teachers because they teach him the craziest songs and then we are completely entertained and curious for days what exactly he is singing about!

and this is his newest love..."turkey in the hay"

Thursday, August 4, 2011

update extravaganza

I know I have not posted in what seems like forever, I miss keeping up on things. We have had a busy busy few weeks...and I just thought I would take a moment to wrap it all up and post some quick updates.

First of all, Happy Birthday to my Daddy!!! I wish we could be there to celebrate your special day, but were hoping we will get a chance very soon when you *hopefully* come for a visit!

We went through a mini ordeal a few weeks back when we took Kaden to the doctors and they recommended we take him right to Children's Hospital for possible appendicitis. Poor little man. It was a scary experience for all of us. Seeing him in so much pain was heartbreaking. It started out with a really bad stomach ache and then crazy shooting pains in his abdomen. They did some Xrays and said that they saw a lot of *poo* in his tummy and that it looked like it was severe constipation, and possibly due to potty training. Neither Chad nor I are convinced that is the case, as there seems to be a crazy tummy virus spreading around quickly. Poor Chad has been bed ridden for days with it this week. Whatever it was...we are relieved he is feeling better!!!

~my poor baby at children's hospital.

One of my favorite people on the entire planet also visited this past week and we had a FANTASTIC time! Sometimes we all need a bit of refueling, and having her here was exactly that. So good for the soul. And I realized that traveling around with her and showing her all the awesome things in Colorado made me appreciate it so much more, seeing it through her eyes.

Another incredible soul, our amazing friend Audrey, also happened to move BACK home to Colorado during Pammy's visit, and we celebrated with her in style with an adventure of our own!

I freaking love colorado.

~pam snapped this doozie during naptime. my boys fast asleep.

In other fun news, Mamaw and Papaw have been waiting for the perfect moment to show Kaden the new mini motorized 4 wheeler that they got for him. He was surprisingly a little freaked out by it, so Jack was trying to show him how it is done and he warmed up a little bit. Soon he will be riding that thing all over Colorado...

~Mamaw and Cheryl were visiting from Ohio, and we had everyone over for a bbq.

~hugs for mamaw bryant.

Chad has had his phone for over two years and I think we just now figured out how to upload the pics from it onto our computer. Here are a few favorites that I found!

~lil mountain man.

~pammy "in it".

~pure joy.

I may not be posting as much over the next few weeks. I am taking a course (finally!) to fullfill my licensure requirements and it is online and INTENSIVE!!!! I am not a fan of it at all, but i will get through it and get this license that I SO deserve after all my hard work!!!

have a lovely day everyone!!!