Saturday, October 29, 2011

*a new bed*

~kaden is in love with his Big Boy Bed! He loves getting cozy and reading stories under the covers...yay for more cuddly time!

~and here he is pretending to be Snow White and asking me what I would like to eat ( he uses the guardrail as his kitchen). In this same conversation, he let me know he knew all the 7 dwarfs...dopey, grumpy, sneezy and gassy. Smart boy...there SHOULD be gassy dwarf!

Most random outing ever. Kaden loves these statues that he calls "those big guys" that are posed dancing in front of the Performing Arts Center. Chad thought it would be the ultimate thrill to hang out underneath the guys, rather than just seeing them in a drive by. Kaden loved it and continuously chatted about "the guys" all day. We also made a pit stop at the Big Blue Bear, since it had been a while. Nothing like spending a day galavanting around town checking out all the giant ceramic sculptures!


The snow has all melted and we had a crazy yard full of leaves to rake before the next snow comes along! Kaden was lovin *helping*.

~having a picnic with daddy in the backyard.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

*a snowy day*

~a first glimpse at the crazy snowfall.

Fall was slightly interrupted this year by a crazy little snowstorm that dropped 10 inches of snow overnight. Literally, the day before it was 80 degrees, bright and sunny and the leaves have never been more gorgeous, and then BAM...winter wonderland! I so wanted to stay home and be cozy with a cup of hot cocoa and watch the snow with nugget, but instead I went to work, and Daddy decided to stay home and do just that. Boooooooo! I checked in with them throughout the day and they were having a blast playing hard in the snow. I am not sure how I lived without snow for ten years, there is really nothing like that first snowfall. It completely warms your soul, makes you feel cozy thoughts and it is just makes everything so bright and beautiful. If you are one of those people that don't feel quite like this about snow, Colorado might be the place for you. Because all of this white stuff practically disappeared today. I love the sound of the sun melting it to pieces, it just sounds like he is on a crazy mission to get the job done. I love it all.

~the beautiful fall trees all droopy from all the snow.

~a "shovel ride".

~kaden posing by his pumpkin creations. 24 hours later...the snow is all gone!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Every child has their quirks. After years of working with little ones, I have come to know this to be not only true, but what makes each of them so amazingly unique and beautiful in their own way. Kaden has many of these quirky quirks, and there is one in particular that has thrown me for a loop. His objection to ponytails. Nope, I have not attempted to put his own hair into a ponytail, it is an objection to mine being up in anyway shape or form.

Ever since the little man can remember, I have had short hair. He never knew that mama once had long hair and rocked the ponytail on a daily basis. Now he has complete FITS if i so much as put my hair up to wash my face or clean around the house. He begs me "PEAS mama put your hair down", and will continuously become more and more upset and emotional if I do not follow his directives. With #2 coming into town, I have decided to grow my hair once again, so that I can rock the ponytail and make my life a helluva lot easier with low hair maintenance. I have been preparing kaden by practice runs with my mini ponytail. It has been emotionally exhausting for both of us! We spent a day at the zoo last week with his little girlfriend and my mommy friend who is also a child therapist. I told her about his ponytail aversion, and the look on her face made me feel that this is all stranger than I would like to think. We did some ponytail conditioning with him with her little girl's hair, and he had no problem with it. My friend played with my hair and pulled it back and he completely lost it.

The fate of my hair is up in the air with this little quirk of his. Am I being ridiculous letting my almost three year old have power over my hair. Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

As quirky as he may be, he sure is one dancin machine! Here he is rockin out to his favorite, Old Dan Tucker (music by daddy).

Saturday, October 8, 2011

guess what????

Baby Miller the SECOND edition will be making a grand entrance into the world on April 3, 2012!!! We could not be more overjoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you all happy, healthy, and dreamed filled days to come.
love, light and peace,
The Millers!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

*fall fever*

What is it about Fall? This year, I feel completely intoxicated by all things pumpkin, the changing leaves and majestic Aspen trees, and all things Halloween. I just want to bake all things pumpkin and apple and savor every moment. I made an amazing apple butter last week, and this week I want to tackle pumpkin butter. It is supposed to snow this weekend so I need to enjoy this short lived fall FAST!

Kaden is also ridiculously excited about the season and has narrowed down his Halloween costumes to Snow White (has been in the running since he could say those words), Elephant, a "baby" pig, Mickey Mouse, Dopey, Monkey (he has an adorable Monkey costume thanks to Mamaw and Papaw...were pullin for the Monkey), a pirate, or a "girl". He is fascinated by all things girls. I really want him to be a mini Dwight Schrute (see below), but I have a feeling that will NOT be in the final three.

~rockin out at the Pumpkin Harvest Fest with Kaden and Julia.

~Kaden's first hayride with our friends Lindsay and Julia. Julia is the cutest!

~the road to our camping spot this past be continued!