Wednesday, February 23, 2011

goodbye cherry street.

~so ready.

It's about time that we say goodbye to this crazy little neighborhood. From the moment I spotted our little place while perusing craigslist, I had a feeling that this place was going to be special. And oh yes it was! It's no secret how much I adore this wonderful city, but we truly landed in the strangest neighborhood I have ever known. After spending ten years floating around Los Angeles, I thought I had my share of strangeness. I was very wrong.

Things I will truly miss...

*easy access to Wash Park. Eh....but now were only a few blocks further, I can deal!

*my "moon shows" through the skylight. I loved lying on the couch and just staring at the gorgeous luna some nights.

*free entertainment. see below.

I am not sure why there has not been a reality show made about this apartment community...standing out on the balcony has been my main source of entertainment for the past eight months.

The characters that I will slightly miss, if only for their entertainment value...

~The woman that would keep her son on a leash and tie him to the fence, I appreciate the fact that she has either seen the error of her ways or that DFS made her stop doing this.

~The woman that lives downstairs that cooks random crock pot meals for the strippers at Shotgun Willies.

~The random gangster looking types that would knock on the door late at night looking for the person that used to live here.

~Young boys beating each other up with bats while lounging by the poolside.

~The woman that is 7 months pregnant and chain smokes heavily each day.

~The creepy old men that appear to be drunk from early morning until they pass out on the lawn.

~The ravers downstairs who very well may burn down the apartment complex, thank you for re-introducing me to techno, such a joy!

~The growers that live next door to us who turn the faucet on and off 712 times a day to keep their "plants" nice and healthy.

I will drive by often, (ok not really THAT often) and I will smile when I think of all the stories that we have made at our first place we called home in this incredible city.

~my boys at my beloved Wash Park

~playing at Wash Park at sunset.

In other news, Kaden LOVED his new daycare. I guess third time IS a charm! I asked him tonite what songs he sang at daycare today, and he busted out into a tune we couldn't quite make out....until we heard "put your right foot out". He was so happy when we figured it out, he did a full choreographed dance to it. Too precious!

hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. love this. love wash park. love you.

    so glad you found a new place! oh, and did you happen to go IN to shotgun willies yet in your time there?! hilarious. maybe we can get smashed and go in for fun one night... ;o)


  2. Wish we could have helped entertain Kaden during your big weekend. Turns out it was probably good that he didn't come over on Friday. Jane showed signs of pink-eye on Saturday morning. Three of our family are now on anti-biotics! So glad you have moved a little East, as did we. See you soon!

  3. This was HILARIOUS!!! Are you serious about the gangster thugz coming to your door?... and the crock pot dinners for the strippers? How nice!