Friday, February 11, 2011

*a few little twists and turns*

~brave boy taking a turn on the "scary slide" at monkey bizness, holding on for dear life to his precious little reindeer.

This past week we have made same little and big changes, and we are about to have a few more twists and turns along the road! It's no secret that I haven't been super crazy about Kaden's daycare since he started going there 5 months ago. I wanted to give it a chance and see if things got better, and I felt guilty about pulling him out after he had had such a difficult time adjusting in the first place. Finally we decided to try something else this week, and it turns out it was an awesome choice for the little man! Kaden is incredibly smitten with his new place and his new friends. So much so that he doesn't want to leave when it's time to pick him up! The kids are all very sweet and the women that cares for them is incredibly nurturing and amazing with kids, I feel like he is in such good hands and learns so many wonderful things. His vocabulary has improved so much just in the week that he has been going, and he can't stop talking about how much fun he has there. Along with two little rescuse bunnies, they have a dog and are working on getting some chickens and a dwarf goat for the backyard, kind of like a little urban farm. Kaden thinks it's Disneyland!

We also found a new place to live! We kind of stumbled upon the new place (which is only about a mile from where we are now) and we move in two weeks. So happy to be moving out of this unsafe neighborhood and leave behind frequent calls to 911 and the fire department. Our new place is ginormous, has a finished basement, washer/dryer and huge yard! We are really hoping that after a year or so we will be more in a place to buy a home, but for now it just makes more sense for us to rent. I think it will be a really good move for us and we are super excited about it!

Kaden is putting together the sweetest sentences. Everything that comes out of his mouth makes me smile. My favorite thing that he said earlier today...deep thoughts by Kaden Redwood.

"Mommy, Dopey nice, not scary guy. Mickey Mouse too. Unk Brah too."

some *linky love* for your friday....some blog crushes and fun things I have stumbled upon!

First off, check out my incredibly talented cousin's latest photoshoot, so much fun!

I saw this and I desperately want to copy this in our new place! How cute!!!!

I shared this article with a few parents I work with, but I thought it was too good of an article to not share with you all!

Kaden and I are going to make this banana bread when we get home from our playdate this afternoon!

And this is such a fun twist on valentine's day treats! YUM!

and please do stop by and check out my friend Kelly's blog The Six of Us! She is an old friend from long ago who I adore who has an incredible knack for writing, and her blog is inspirational and a fun read for all!

and can someone please fill me in on who this is? This video constantly pops up when we are watching sesame street videos on youtube and kaden has a mad crush on her (must be the pink hair).

happy weekend everyone!

stolen from the amazing notebook doodles.

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  1. AH! YOU!!! Thank you for the bloggy love, sweet friend! xoxoxoxoxox

    That Mr. Kaden is a doll - I love that he loves Dopey! heehee

    That wall idea is flippin' rad - you should absolutely do it!! I love the chalk board paint stuff - do that, too!! So FUN!

    Congrats on the new place! Post pics!!