Monday, February 14, 2011

a healthy dose of random for your wednesday.

*teehee, I just now realized 4 hours after posting this, that it is in fact, Thursday. oopsie.

~fun at cherry creek mall. we wanted to take kaden to the zoo and we insisted we go to *mall* instead. he gets that from mommy!

~getting revved up to do one of his fancy pirouettes.

~kaden was slightly OCD about this bike, due to the fact that Snow White was one of the princesses featured on it. He talked about the bike for the next 2 days.

~grubbin down on our peanut butter/banana sammies while watching the snow melt away.

~peanut butter teeth.

~we made this pink playdough for vday. I have tried a few other playdough recipes that I didn't love, but this one was perfect!

~completely obsessed with escalators.

~love this!

~ridiculously random. made me smile!


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