Friday, March 4, 2011

*my new house is scary.

This is what nugget has been repeating since we moved in to our new place. I know that moving (especially moving twice in 8 months!) is a difficult transition for anyone, especially a two year old. I think I was a little too optimistic thinking he would have been ecstatic about the big yard, and twice the amount of space, I wasn't ready for this reaction. And to be honest, it IS a bit scary. I have never lived on the ground floor before, and the fact that this is an older house and the floorboards creak with every move we make does not help one bit. The peace and quiet is a welcome change from our previous place, though it's almost a bit TOO quiet.

And then yesterday, Kaden took my being creeped out to a new level. We were making some killer forts downstairs with the couch cushions, and he looked up suddenly and said to me "Someone Watching". I assured him no one was watching and that he is safe, and tried my best to not talk too much about it with him. He then looked over at the stairs and said "not daddy". Seemed like a perfect time to grab the diaper bag and get out of there and go to the mall. lovely.

On a brighter note...who new that the song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious would be such a hit during the move?! As you can see, kaden is ridiculously excited to perform his rendition during bathtime in the new house.

~I love when kids close their eyes because their "hiding".


~I heart nutella.

and what is a weekend without a little linky love!

I need to have a mini vacay here as soon as possible.

This post made me smile and is such an amazing reminder on so many levels.

I think I feel much more comfortable with leeting nugget walk beise me at Target after this article.

hello cute jacket. please get in my closet.

contemplating a move to Australia so that nugget could go to this wonderful preschool.

I am loving the trailer for this flick....and hello, best.title.ever.

I love this interview with the incredible Dr Cohen about the Importance of Roughhousing. His book is an absolute must read!


  1. oh WHATEVERRRRRR i can't take it! his squishiness went to a whole new level with his "do-ddd-ddod-dd-ododdo--docious!" aahhhh he just goes right to my soul. as do you, miss jenny. BIG LOVE! can't wait to see you and hang out!!!!!

  2. We felt like it was too quiet on this side of Holly, too. That was until we got used to the big yard, proximity to Cook park and so much room to play indoors!!!