Friday, February 4, 2011

a case of the ickies and linky love.

Poor little Kaden has been feeling icky all this week. A gnarly cold ear infection and a fever equals not a happy little man and LOTS of Disney movies. We have watched Snow White a skadillion times this week, and I'm at the point where I feel like a horrible mommy for ever letting him watch it in the first place! What a scary movie that is! He talks incessantly about "the scary guy" who tries to stab snow white, and becomes deeply concerned when Snow is "hurt" at the end of the movie. I have tried to introduce him to Alladin and Cinderella, but he is not having it. He likes the terror of Snow White. Thank goodness for Mamaw who brought over Jungle Book yesterday....that seems to be running a close second to Snow and I'm hoping it will push her out of the top spot soon enough.

Earlier this week (before he was feeling horrible) we took him to the Museum of Nature and Science which is becoming one of my favorite spots in Denver!

~how fun to have THIS guy's job!

~kaden wasn't too sure about him at first, but slowly warmed up to the dinosaur.

~playing in the space station.


~not too happy about TRex disturbing his peaceful snack time.

~reading his new favorite book *The Napping House*

It got soooooo COLD this week! We had temps around -12 at night. It was so cold we had a snow day from work, not because of the snow, but just because it was so brutally cold!

~the inside of our windows even had snow and ice on them!

~helping daddy "dust off his car".

This video makes me smile...there is something about his sweet little voice saying skeleton
that gets me every time.

and in keeping with my new friday tradition, here is some linky love!

This guest post on one of my favorite blogs is so perfect and spot on! I wish I had read this when kaden was a mini nugget....I think I was incredibly caught up in the anxiety of being a new mommy and trying so hard to get it *just right*.

I am trying so hard to be frugal and not buy new random treats, but if i could I have a moment of weakness I may absolutely have to splurge on this and this!

and in the yum-o department, I made this the other night and it was fabulous! Annie is becoming one of my go to's for tried and true tasty recipes! I also made this for nugget as he was feeling so under the weather, and it was was SO good! I will definitely make this one again soon, perfect for the cold weather! And I'm making this for the superbowl, it's becoming my go to recipe for shindigs, so yummy!

I love this DIY Valentine printable from Naturally Sweet. Such a sweet idea!

happy weekend everyone! cheers to tasty superbowl treats!


  1. thanks for the links! your little kaden is a cutie pie! hope he feels better!

  2. i love his little voice, too! and i love simon!!!!! i want to squish simon!!!! holy toledo i knew it got down to below zero but MY GOODNESS! what a freeeeeze!! crazy that they canceled schools and work - i heard about that. NUTTY! glad it's over!! love reading your blog. xxoo