Wednesday, September 29, 2010

TT Jena.

~Rocky Mountain National Park

I have been holding back writing a post about Jena's visit because I wanted to have her incredible pics to post along with it! This is only a handful of my favorites from her *collection*. She is such a talented photographer and I love how she is able to capture a moment with a quick click of her camera. Having her here with us in our new home made it officially feel like *home*. It was so comforting to have her with us and kaden really fell head over heels for his TT.

~we have almost thrown this couch out to the curb at least a dozen times, but if we did, what would we use for slides and fort fun?

~we had to take Jena to the Wahoos across the street. kaden's favorite restaurant!

~big train fail #2....after he got so excited to go on, we waited in line, bought tix, got super excited, this was his expression upon sitting down on the train.

~Jam session with Unk Braw and Auntie Suzanne

~little naked butt doing *bumps* good nite.

~Jena always makes sure no one is left out. She photographed our little furry monsters just as much as she did kaden.

~the leaves were just starting to turn in the mountains. so pretty!

~I love this shot of the airport...I am so smitten with the design of this airport and gabeen captured it beautifully!


  1. okay, i love : Jena's eye, Kaden's curls, Chad's hair, the way you look at Kaden, the Colorado sky, your puffy vest, Kaden's drum-playing skillz and coolness ("bumping" goodnight, whatever!) and the fact that he was playing the piano. when he becomes famous, i'm so doing his PR. baahha. big hugs, beautiful.

  2. Awwww! Can I say that again? Aw!! GREAT PHOTOS! You are beautiful, Jen and Kaden has such a fun, happy life, doesn't he! Much love to you and I can't wait to meet the rest of your little crew!

  3. I thought Jane would like seeing pictures of Kaden. She scrolled through herself looking for pictures of Chad with his new hair. She is a fan.