Sunday, September 5, 2010

grateful heart

~putting everything in piles according to size, kaden LOVED jumping into the piles of clothes!

My brother and sister in law are two of the kindest and selfless people on the planet. My brother asked me a week ago if i needed any winter clothes for nugget, being that we are about to embark on a whole new world come this winter. I was under the impression he had a hat or a pair of mittens that he wanted to send over to us. Not the case. Instead, 4 ginormous boxes weighing in at 50 pounds a piece landed on our doorstep a few days later. They were filled to the brim with soooooo many clothes (and very HIP clothes I may say, Kerry has the BEST taste!)and an entire box was filled with Little people toys, which are a favorite of the little man's at the moment. We were beyond grateful and thankful for the early visit from santa...and I feel so fortunate to have such a loving and thoughtful family. Special thanks to my amazing dad who helped out with getting the boxes to colorado!

~my nephews and niece sent some gorgeous original artwork with sweet messages to kaden! While kaden and I were out running errands, chad found the perfect spot to hang them up in his what we call *his office* (this is where he sits on his bongoes and rails on his piano on his activity table). I walked in and saw it and said "Awwwwwwwwww". And for the rest of the day, everytime kaden would walk in the room, he would say "Mommy....Awwwwwwwww" and point to the pics.

~"reading" his notes from his cousins


  1. AWESOME!!! I LOVE hand me downs, too! My sister-in-law and cousin have a great chain going right now!! At a minimum SIX girls get to use the clothes ~ makes me feel good about using what we buy, saving money and being "green"! You?

    And Kaden is growing way toooo fast! STOP HIM, Jenny!

    Just FYI ~ we will be back in Denver around Christmas time, will you be around?

  2. you are blessed. what a gift! i love the shot of kaden's lil bum with him piled up on the clothes! too cute. i'm so happy he'll be nice and cozy warm for his first colorado winter!! ;o)