Saturday, September 11, 2010


~throwing rocks in our favorite pond

Let's start with the good news...I found a job, not just any job, but the job I was hoping and praying for! The interview process was pretty grueling and it is an extraordinary feeling to have made it through. The schedule is perfect, it is a super short commute, and my new co workers seem really warm and welcoming. I should be on cloud nine, and for the most part, I am. What is difficult for me, is the idea of leaving nugget again, that same awful feeling that I had when he was only five months and my maternity leave was over. This time will be different, I won't have co workers that I can cry with on that first day back (THAT would make a great first impression!), and as of yet, we haven't found the perfect daycare situation for him and it has me feeling like I'm in a constant state of panic. It will be a difficult transition for both of us, but I know that as much as we have so much fun just the two of us during our days, he thrives when he is with other kids his age, and I know he will love it once he feels comfortable in his surroundings.

~he wanted to be BFFs with this sweet little boy named Kayden who was so stylin in his lobster undies.

Last weekend we went to the Taste of Colorado festival and had so much fun walking around downtown and doing crazy people watching. The whole thing was free and there was live music and tons of yummy food. We sadly missed Bret Michael's performance the night before ;)

~watching the band with daddy in a Jake "mini me" outfit

~not too sure about this lady

After living in California for 10 years, I forgot what it is like to have things close down on Labor day! At first, I felt a wee bit sad about it, but then realized it gives you a chance to REALLY appreciate the seasons, and come next year, we will enjoy them all the more!

After realizing that Kaden's favorite choochoo train was going to close on Labor day, we skedaddled down to Belleview park in Littleton to sneak in one more ride before he goes nite nite for the season. I think we were the first ones at the park! When he saw the train, he was screaming Choo Choo and could not contain his excitement! We bought our tickets to ride, I had kaden give his ticket to the engineer, and then we hopped on.....for about a millimeter of a second. In that moment, Kaden decided that the ChooChoo was the most terrifying thing he had ever saw and nooooooo way was he riding it. He screamed and yelled "down down down". Poor little guy. These are the moments where I wish we could communicate a little more about what is going on in that beautiful little mind of his. We decided to pet the animals in the petting zoo and wade in the creek instead. But strangely enough, every time that ChooChoo train choo choo-ed past us, I would wave and say hi to the kids, and Kaden would look down and want absolutely nothing to do with it.

~oh wow i can't wait to RIDE!

~on second thought, nope.

and this is my absolute favorite word that he says right now....


  1. LOVE "ow-shide"! He is PRECIOUS!!!! Congrats again on the job and praying that you will find the perfect childcare for him!! I can ask my sis for suggestions if you like. You are such a wonderful Mommy, Jenny!!!

  2. I can barely handle that precious little voice!! I listened to it about 5 times. Congrats on the job Jenny!!

  3. oh miss jenny! i'm so thrilled to hear about the job!! i know it's scary to think about not being with kaden during that time, but you can do it! you are strong and kaden is crazy smart! he gets to have you and chad as parents AND live in colourful colorado?! lucky kid, man. ;o) i love the video, too... and both of the comments above me :o) heheheheheheeee, squishy lil kid, i tell ya.