Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 21 Months Kaden!

~playing in the pumpkin patch at the harvest festival

Dear Kaden,

Happy Birthday Kaden! Today you are 21 months! And as I'm writing this, I realize that the next time we celebrate this 21 number, we will be clinking glasses and saying cheers with a different kind of beverage inside! But let's take our time thinking about that...shall we?

Right now, you LOVE to laugh, and even more, you LOVE to make others laugh! The look on your face is ccompletely priceless when you realize you have made someone smile. Your vocabulary is blowing are just like a tape recorder and repeat everything that is said to you! I used to think I loved hearing you say all of these sweet new words, but now I am amazed at how you put them together. There is a dramatic pause in between words...such as BIG.......TRAIN. It's ridiculous and makes my heart swoon. Lately you have started to understand the meaning behind "please" and it makes it impossible to say *no* to you when you use it. I can tell already I am in big trouble.

You absolutely love books, but you DESPISE storytime. For some reason, mommy is slightly evil and continues to try out different storytimes, thinking THIS will be the one that you will love. But each and everytime we sit down with all of your friends in a circle, you look around and take it all in, and then scream bloody murder. So, my promise to you this month is No.More.Storytimes. I promise.

I start back to work next week and I know it will be a hard transition for both of us. Although, it will probably be much tougher for me than you. We found you a wonderful and nurturing team of woman to watch you while i am work, and so far, the daycare consists of all boys. I think you will be in heaven with this arrangement, though mommy thinks we need to spend our days off together hangin with some girly girls to give you a nice balance. I have truly loved being a stay at home mommy with you for the past five months...we have had so many fabulous adventures, and I have loved being able to witness every little moment with you. I will truly miss it.

It's hard to believe that your birthday is right around the corner, and in a few months you will be turning your absolute favorite number. I am going to spend the next few monmths relishing the moments with you and savoring these last moments of you being ONE!

I love you!

your mommy

~intrigued with the trumpet section

~going to the grocery store is much less painful thanks to this fun little car cart.

~how excited are YOU about snow?

~you love to *hang* from just about anything. I love this shot of you and "unk brah" hangin at City Park.

there is a certain laugh of yours that I only hear when you are playing with melts my heart everytime.


  1. holy crap. that laugh. you ain't kiddin. Kaden is the luckiest kid ever - with parents like you and chad.

  2. In addition to his incredibly cute laugh, I just LOVE his voice! "Moa! Moa!" Super cute!!!