Thursday, September 23, 2010

a trip to sunflower farms.

I have been playing SQUISH SQUISH with my little man over the past few weeks trying to squish in some last minute adventures before going back to work, that I have been neglecting this poor little blog! I am going to try to play some catch up and do a few funfilled post about some of our favorite little adventures over the next few days.

Last week, Mamaw and I took Kaden to Sunflower Farms. I have been wanting to take him there all summer, and with all the kids back in school, I figured it would be a lot less crowded. It was perfect! We pretty much had the whole farm to ourselves. Kaden was smitten with all of the animals, but he says his most favorite part of the day was the garbage truck that came and took the garbage (while we stood beside it saying hi to the horsies)and the driver that waved to him.

~feeding the goats.

~almost as cool as the garbage truck...but not quite.

~loved this random area with ginormous legos in the middle of the farm.

~playing in the giant corn shed.

~mamaw taking a rest.

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  1. miss jenny! your squishy little blog makes me miss home so much! and how much do i love that you say SQUISH!! aahhcckk, we were so meant to be friends! also, omg - can i be kaden's voiceover until he begins really talking?! (i know, so soon, right?!) you know, like in the movie "look who's talking" -- i love watching him drop his little sippycup then struggle to pick it back up - he's all like, "well maybe if i just... grab it this... nope... hmm, if i pick it up, yeah... this way, now i can walk over here and see these interesting fuzzy 4-legged creatures who aren't like simon, but i'm not too scared of them anyway... watch me throw this corn, i'm so awesome! i'm kaden!"