Sunday, August 15, 2010

summertime escapes

It has been so hot here and I am getting anxious to experience a bit of fall in colorado! I have made it no secret that I have a ginormous crush on these spray fountain parks and I just think they are a brilliant invention!

A few days ago we had a yummy lunch date with Mamaw, Uncle Brian and Auntie Suzanne at TGIF. Afterward, Kaden and I went to check out the rest of the outdoor mall surrounding the restaurant. There is nothing quite like seeing kaden's smile completely extend from ear to ear and hear that gasp of excitement when we stumbled upon this little fountain. I had seen it once before and actually thought it was a bit wimpy for him, but of course I was way wrong. We didn't have a swimsuit but thank goodness we had a change of clothes. He had a stellar time and made some new friends as well!

~can you even handle this little girl's face to the left? so precious.

~sweetest head butt ever.

~sweet! a hair washing..pleasant hair washings are few and far between these days.

~so happy to find these super cute cars attached to shopping carts at the mall...*boobaloo* has always been one of my many nicknames for him!

Chad and I also took advantage of mamaw's insistence that we have a *date night*. Her rule is that you must take at least one night a month for a date night, and she says we are a few months behind so we were overdue. In very chad/jenny date night fashion, we explored the happy hours in the area, went to The Fainting Goat and enjoyed the rooftop view, along with some insanely yummy irish nachos! We ended up spending the rest of the night at Urban Cowboy where Chad's brother Brian was bartending, and it is safe to say this will always be one of my favorite places in denver.

It was a rare out and about weekend for me....I went out Saturday night with some new friends to see Eat.Pray.Love. I adored the book and found it to be completely inspiring and showed such vulnerability. I knew the movie would not be even half as good, but i stayed objective and open minded because I love to see books unfold onto the big screen. There is something so exciting about seeing your imagination come to life. Before seeing it, I was apprehensive about julia roberts playing Liz, but she actually did quite well in the role, although it was difficult to look past her just being Julia.

Anyway, Chad was excited about being the one to tuck the nugget in that night. Uncle Brian came over for dinner with chad and kaden and helped tuck nuggie in. here's just a small video of uncle brian reading to kaden...I love how kaden leans in and gives him a little tummy hug in the middle of the story!

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  1. i love the waterpark pics! isn't that the coolest?!?!? please tell Uncle Brian hello :o)