Friday, August 20, 2010

big ol booboo

Kaden has had his share of his booboos, that is for sure! We joke that he really needs a helmet,face mask,and maybe knee pads when he leaves the house, because odds are he will come home with some sort of owwie. Well he didn't even have to leave the house to get this one.

He and Daddy were playing in the living room, and he was twirling around and around and laughing his little head off. We were about to go in the pool, and I was in the bedroom getting my bathing suit on, which was probably a good thing. All of a sudden, I heard a huge WHACK, and then Chad say OH.MY.GOD...pause pause...kaden shrieking. I thought I was going to pass out even before seeing what had happened to my little man. He had swung around so fast that his little head smashed into the corner of the wall between the dining room and the living room. He cried for only about 3 minutes and then whispered *pool* so we obliged him and made sure we had an extra fun time in the pool.

There was a little blood and i was mortified that his first band aid had to be a boring brown old bandaid. I wanted Chad to draw Elmo on it, but we were worried about the ink running.

today it is looking much much better...but he is letting everyone know that he has a *booboo*. Poor baby....we definitely need to start looking for a face mask/helmet for him!

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  1. my goodness, he can even make a booboo look good. that kid is something else, i tell ya.