Tuesday, August 10, 2010

downtown adventure

~playing at Washington Park

We randomly went on a little downtown adventure this morning, not really knowinbg where we were going or what we were doing, and of course those are always the times you have the most fun!

~kaden is the tiny little speck in the bottom left corner.

~playing ball in front of the Central Library. I have fallen in love with all of the libraries here in denver, right now I noticed I have 37 things checked out ;) This was our first time at the central branch, and it was amazing! There is a huge childrens library inside complete with toys, puzzles and ridiculously comfy chairs.

~kaden is much more excited about throwing the ball to daddy than he is about the ginormous chair with the horse on it that I thought he would love.

~climbing on some cool art.

~civic center EATS! so much fun. Every tuesday, there are about 20 or so food trucks with yummy food for everyone to enjoy for their lunch break. There is live music and it is just an awesome vibe.

We roamed around downtown and managed to get ourseleves a bit lost..which is one of my random pleasures when I move to a new city.

~"hey what about this way guys?"

~we stumbled upon a Chick Filet, much to our delight! It was a random gem in the food court at the bottom of an office building. It was an adults only sorta food court so they didn't have any highchairs. Kaden was so proud to sit in his big boy chair..

~and finished the day off with multiple rides up and down the escalator...

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  1. i love that you were down by the giant chair. i shot my cousin's sr. portraits down there and i SOOO wanted to put her up in that thing haha. i must say, denver looks good on you three! ;o)