Friday, August 6, 2010

19 months and a new 'do!

~a refreshing change

Dear Kaden,

Happy 19 month birthday to my sweet little boy! This officially means that you are closer to two than you are to one! This month you have started to show more of your independent streak, but you have your moments of separation anxiety too.

We marked this milestone with your very first haircut! Daddy and i went back and forth about how we should do we go to the cute children's salon and get the little certificate and pic, do we go to a regular salon, or do we just do it ourselves. We opted to do it ourselves, in the comfort of our own home. We did not think you would be a huge fan of the haircutting cape and the strange person being so close to your face with a pair of scissors. Instead, we cozied up with the Wiggles with a bowl of Elmo crackers, and you were super content and relaxed. I was nervous how it would look, but daddy did an excellent job!

You love love love to be around other melts my heart to see you interact with all your little friends. Mommy is still unemployed and would not trade our wonderful days together for anything. At the same time, I know that you miss hangin out with your buddies at your daycare in los angeles, and I really hope to find a good part time daycare situation for you when/if I start working!

You are much more adventurous with food these days, though you would be perfectly happy eating blueberries and spaghetti (not together) every day for the rest of your life. You love all things love to have jam sessions with daddy and we learned this month that you love to rock out to live music. Mommy plays dj in the car, and you are adamant about what you do and don't like. If a song comes on that you do not agree with, you say a strong, assertive No and will continue to do so until the song is changed.

Watching you grow up so fast, I am constantly reminded to cherish every hug, every smile, every new word you say, and even each morning that you wake up a wee bit early and call out Mommmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeee....these are the moments I live for. I feel so lucky to be your mommy!

Happy Birthday Kaden.
I love you!
your mommy

~slumber party at mamaw and papaw's house. He loved playing in the bare naked basement which is in the process of getting a facelift!

~diaper boxes make the best toys.

~thank goodness for high ceilings.

~reading his new favorite book *blue hat green hat*

We went to *free day* at the Children's Museum which was a complete madhouse! Even with the 12 zillion kids that were there with us, we had an awesome time! I would have to say that Kaden's favorite part was outside of the museum....watching the roller coasters at the park next door.

~kaden wanted to sit here on this step for about 50 minutes...

...watching these roller coasters at Elitch's just across the river. He just kept saying "up, down". So curious as to what that looks like in his was absolutely mesmerizing to him.

~he is totally rockin out to twinkle twinkle right here.

~listening to his favorite "one fish. two fish" at storytime at the museum.

~we were so sad that cherry creek mall decided to take down the bacon and eggs play area, but kaden seemed to LOVE this new looney tunes area even more!

~playing with this ginormous balloon display. I was too busy snappin pics and didn't notice that he wanted to set it free....

~the remnants of the balloon display he freed!

~learning about how pennies and fountains

~what a great place to swim mom!


  1. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, his hair! it's too much! i can't take it!!! how handsome is he?!??! whatever, he can rock any hairstyle ever. he's frickin kaden. <3

  2. I love his haircut!! It makes him look even cuter than before.... if that's even possible! Such a big big boy now - it goes way too fast!

  3. Bye, baby curls....hello, big boy style!! Jenny, he looks more and more like you each day ~ he is beautiful, gorgeous and so, so frickin' cute!!! I wish I could meet him! You are right to enjoy every. single. moment. It passes way too quickly!! Thanks for sharing him with me!!! <3