Friday, May 1, 2009

Kaden is four months old today!

Dear my sweet little kaden,

Today you are four months old!

Time is going by so fast, and I just want it to slooooow down a little so I can savor each moment! Even though I am back at work, I am finding that I savor the time that we DO have together all the more, and I know you are in such wonderful hands with your amazing daddy during your daddy days!

I never imagined that my life could feel this FULL! I am so in love with you....and everyday I feel like I rediscover the world a little more because of your amazing soul! I love seeing the world through your eyes, everythign seems so fresh and beautiful!

You have perfected your amazing little chuckle and it is like music to our ears, and daddy only needs to look at you for it to turn into a huge belly laugh! You are discovering other little people (thanks to daycare) and you are fascinated by watching them. You have such an intuitive little spirit and I am starting to believe you have some of mommy's hyper sensitivity, which I hope that you will embrace one day, as I have! You are still completely fascinated with your hands, and you have gagged yourself once or twice by shoving the whole thing in your mouth. You are curious about your jumperoo, but you haven't quite gotten the jumping part just yet. You have started to enjoy the baby bjorn and you would MUCH rather be hangin out in that than your stinky car seat...which is probably going to have to be retired very soon, as you have already OUTGROWN it!

You are growing so fast! I can't wait to see what you will do next!!

your mommy are some pics that daddy took during his daddy days. look at how he dresses you just like him! Daddy also showed you your first disney you are watching the little mermaid (or at least a snippet of it) and having a little trouble with your head control!

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