Sunday, May 24, 2009

eatin at the big boy table

After getting the thumbs up from the pedi, we decided to go ahead and start the little man on rice cereal. He caught on quick and seemed to sleep a wee bit better, but the poor little guy has been constipated for the past two days. We are going to switch to barley cereal and hopefully that will help! We have been massaging his belly and doing bicycle legs....any other tricks we should know about? Would love to hear what has worked for others!

I have been loving this 4 day weekend with him and I'm so sad that it is coming to an end. We spend the day at Americana yesterday with VickyV and the fam and we had such a good time! Jena Gabina took some amazing pics from the day that you can find here

Kaden's new favorite cd (and ours too) is an awesome gift from Uncle Brian...Lullaby Renditions of the Ramones. Kaden is so smitten with it, and the chimes are so incredibly soothing. I had downloaded some of the U2 and Beatles lullably tunes, but I have to say this one is incredible!

The pics below are from Chad playing "superman" with Kaden. Not sure who loves it more....

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  1. Hi Jenny - this is Karla's friend Anne again from Denver :) I love Kaden's cereal video, George loves his bib as much as eating, too! As far as the constipation goes, I've heard that a little bit of water will help or a bit of prune juice. George once went 5 days without pooping and I called the doctor and he wasn't worried at all. As long as he's not acting uncomfortable, I guess it's ok. At least he's had a few clean baths, though!! Hope you don't mind me checking in on Karla's grandson once in a while, he's so darn cute!!