Wednesday, May 27, 2009

a big owwie

The little nugget had a rough day yesterday at daycare. Poor little guy! He was playing during "circle" time (you gotta love that at our daycare an almost 5 month old gets some circle time), and he was sitting in Margaret's lap (the head of the daycare), and a little boy tried to jump over Margaret to get to his sister when she wasn't looking and poor little Kaden went BOOM and fell on his face on the hard wood floor! She called me at work and from the way she described it, it didn't sound all that bad, but regardless I left work early to go see him and give him a million kisses all over his face. When I got there, my anxiety skyrocketed when I saw the look on her face. She had tears in her eyes and looked completely horrified. I tried to keep myself calm and I found myself comforting her, but anxiously wanting to see my little guy. So I walked into the backyard, and there he was, looking at me with the most pitiful little expression...and he had this big black and blue on the side of his face! When I took him, he smiled and I knew that he was most likely going to be fine. Margaret was so sweet and apologetic and called to check up on him later in the night. They are really wonderful people and I don't hold any hard feelings, I know they love him so much and they were horrified by what had happened. I called the doctor, (who must really think I'm a freak by now, it seems like I call every 3-4 days lately) and they said it sounded like he was fine and just to watch for vomiting. He played with me pretty hard for about an hour and a half when we got home from daycare, laughing and giggling and happy as can be, so I am assuming he is just a tough little cookie. Poor little 5 month old should have his first shiner! I tried to snap a pic of his owwie, but the flash makes it look a little lighter than it is.

We had the Boceks over for a BBQ on Sunday and Mike took the cutest little video of Kaden giggling with Daddy. I tried to steal it from his blog, but it's unstealable...but you should go to here and check it out for yourself. While youre over there, check out the adorable Hanna, she is SUCH a light and breath of fresh air! It was a fun day and we brought out his jumperoo so he could try jumping by the pool...he's still not quite into the jumping yet, but he loved being able to hang by the pool with his rainforest friends!

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