Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the talented jena gabinahead

For those that aren't aware, the talented Jena Cumbo is my ridiculously talented cousin that we are blessed to have living on our side of the world, at least for the time being! She is trying Los Angeles out for a little while, and she is tossing around the possibility of moving back to NYC. We are so hoping she decides to stay and grace lala land with her wonderful energy, aswe LOVE having her here as a part of our little cozy family! But wherever she decides to go, they will be so lucky to have her, and we will just have to take kaden on a lot more vacations to visit his beloved auntie gabina! Jena Gabinahead always comes over arms full of photographing paraphanelia. From now on, I need to be sure to be showered and wearing something other than jammies! She came to visit last week after a few days of my being back to work, and took some sweet pics of kaden in the midst of daddy time bliss. These pics make my heart melt...I truly love my life, I feel so blessed to have these two incredible boys in my world!

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