Friday, May 15, 2009

can't help but smile

It's been a looooong week at work and I have been a bad blogger! It's been such an adjustment getting back into work mode, and I am desperately seeking balance. Every day gets a little bit easier, and Kaden could not be happier with his new schedule and seeing so many fun and different faces throughout the week. He is so smitten with daycare! Noah is the little boy that is closest to his age, and they just sit and stare and chuckle at each other all day long. too cute.

My only struggle with daycare is that on some of those days he must be overstimulated there and doesn't nap. So when he comes home, he is in total meltdown mode. This happened yesterday, and he was lying on the bed making that sad little pouty face that he makes, and mean mommy realized that she doesn't have any pics of that precious little pout. I grabbed the camera, and the minute I turned it on, his face changed to this.....

it's unbelievable what a ham he is! Just look at those arms go crazy! He went from complete misery to cracking up and giggling in about 4 seconds....he is too much!

His newest favorite things are holding onto his feet (I have yet to capture a shot of this) and his tongue! It seems he just discovered he has a tongue...I took these pics of him today as a result of me sticking my tongue out at him.

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