Monday, May 18, 2009

fun with uncle brian and suzanne!

Uncle Brian and Suzanne came to visit and we squished some good times into the 24 hours they were here! Kaden was a little crabby because we took him for his first swim in the pool (or more like a little ride in his tugboat...courtesy of cousin teresa!)and we didn't think about how sleepy the pool would make him! Anyway, he definitely had his share of giggles and smiles for his visitors!

Above are some of the pics from our visit with them, and below are some tongue and toe touching pics! He sure if loving sticking out that little tongue of his!

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  1. Oh my!!!!! He is so cute, and has quite the personality! I love his little face chillin in the float with Chad. Too, too much!!! I don't think I've ever seen a more happy baby!!! But then again, look who is showing him what life is all about.... you and Chad!!! I love you being a mommy, really....I just wish it wasn't so far away! I'll need to book my next trip as soon as I get back from Europe. <3