Monday, April 27, 2009

playing with dr seuss

Kaden went to his first little carnival this weekend! We went to a little school carnival in Sherman Oaks where Miss Shyla goes to school. We had a chance to hang out with VickyV and Dreyvin and see Shyla perform a song for everyone. Jillian Michaels was also there to encourage exercise as the PE program was cut from the school. It's so sad how many schools are without PE, Art and Music. It just doesn't make any sense as this is where children have a chance to find their talents and learn to express themselves.

Anyway, I played a Go Fish game (I think I was the only adult who played) to try to win a mini Dr Seuss doll for Kaden! One of his favorite books is "I can read with my eyes shut" and Dr. Seuss has a "mini me" with him in the book, and I thought he might need to have the mini me as well. He hugged him and ate him a little while hanging out at the carnival, but when we got home, we read the book with the mini me, and he absolutely LOVED the effect of dr seuss helping him read the story!

check out the is a little long, but if you make it to the end, you can see what happens when he laughs a bit too hard, he always has a little emotional meltdown!

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