Wednesday, April 15, 2009

little penguin

kaden loves to hear aaaahoooo noises and we were trying to caqpture his penguin dance that he does when he hears it! He was of course doing it full force before the camera turned on, but I still think it's precious to see his precious little self get all giggly!

Not only is he my little penguin, but he also seems to be my little night owl lately. We were spoiled with his ability to sleep so soundly through the night, and now he seems to think there are better things to do than to sleep during the night! I have spent the last 4 days ocking him and attempting to put him down in his crib for 4-5 hour stretches at night. Most people would suggest sleep training at this point, and although I still feel he is a little bit too young for that, I will admit I am pondering the idea for all our sanity. I also have been reading about the 4 month wakeful, and I'm wondering if maybe he is getting to it a bit early because he is just so gigantic!

We spent yesterday spending some time at Margarets, the lovely woman who is going to be watching him him two-three days a week when I go back to work. He was so happy to meet his new little friend Noah, who is 8 months and seemed to really adore kaden! Margaret is wonderful, and we are so happy to have found her! After spending some time with the two of us, she commented that she is grateful Chad will be the one dropping him off in the morning as she can't imagine what a mess I will be when I have to say goodbye to him! Just the thought of it makes my tummy hurt! I know it will be good for him, but will it be good for me?

he is so in love with this new toy ball! He holds it wherever we go and it seems to calm him!


  1. Hey Jenny,

    When is the BIG day? I feel so bad...I know it is SO hard. But you will be okay and it will get easyer and it will be AMAZING when you are reunited at the end of the work day. Promice.

    P.S I LOVE Kaden...I don't care that we have never met. I cant get enough of his cuteness. Keep sharing.

    Oh Yeah and Hi Chad!

  2. awww Natalie! I miss you!!! Thanks for your sweet words! I go back this coming monday :( I cried all day today, I'm such a mess, but I know youre right about it making the time we have together more precious. TRYING to stay positive!

  3. I just showed Matt this video and we were both cracking up, love the penguin dance!

  4. omg. cutest video ever. holy crap, jenny m! i am LOVIN this blog!!! what a perfect way to let us all into your life! this little miracle touches my soul and your family is so incredible!!! xo