Friday, April 17, 2009

mommy is a mess little kaden...

So the tears flowed nonstop today, they just kept coming and coming, no matter how much I tried to get my mind off going back to work, and as much as I racked my brain for all the positives about going back, I just couldn't stop. What I wish I would have captured was the look on little kadens face when he saw my tears. He seemed so concerned and worried about his crazy mommy. I talked to him a lot about it and explained that mommy is hyper emotional, and it might be good for him to get used to seeing mommy cry. I think I may just have needed a good day of grief for my maternity leave, because I am starting to see the light, and although I know it will be awful on monday, I am trying to remain positive. Thanks to everyone for their wonderful phone calls, messages and emails. Your love and support means so much.

Of course for my last day, there had to be a photo shoot! I wanted to make sure I had an amazing pic of him for my screensaver at work, so I could look at him and smile whenever I needed to! Here are some of my favorite shots from today.

Chad spent the past week putting together kaden's crazy exersaucer, and he finally had a chance to try it out today! He is a little small for it, so we stuffed a sheet in the seat with him to help him feel more secure, but he still didn't seem too sure about it.