Wednesday, March 30, 2011

*saying goodbye to simon*

Dear Kaden,

We said goodbye to an amazing friend this week. Simon was an incredible furry friend, with a personality that could rival any human. He loved to snuggle and sleep on mommy's head at night. He wanted to be friends with everybody and everything. I remember a certain doggie friend visiting, and he wanted so badly to be his best friend. When Banana (TT's kitty) came to spend some time with us, Simon desperately tried to make her feel at home and cozy up with her, even though Banana resisted and most likely would have preferred clawing his eyes out. Simon drove cross country with mommy, on her lap, and moved several times, always making sure to put on his brave face and take care of those he loved. He adored Michael Meowgi and they were instant brothers when Mike joined our family. Simon made all kinds of crazy noises, not like anything I've ever heard from a cat...he sometimes talked like a pigeon and sometimes sand a bird calling song for the birdies to come closer.

He filled our world with so much joy and showed us the true beauty of unconditional love. We all loved him very much and we will never forget our sweet simon.


Were all so touched by all of the sweet messages and thoughtful words regarding Simon. They truly mean more than you know!

~how cute is my boss? she gave me these gorgeous flowers with a little garfield for kaden. And they are all a beautiful orange, just like a little orange furbaby I know.


  1. oh miss jenny, this brought tears to my eyes. i'm SO sorry to hear about sweet simon!! i feel like i know him... i understand kitties like him, and they truly do brighten our worlds with unconditional love. OMG, how cute that he slept by your heads!! whatta cuddlebug, i know you'll miss him so!

    big hugs for everyone!!