Saturday, March 12, 2011

*st paddy's day celebration*

~I wanna hold your haaaaaaand....


I usually LOVE working my Saturday mornings, I work for a few hours, it goes by super quick, and it takes the place of a full 10 hour day of work (not to mention a day in daycare!). Today the St Paddy's day parade was taking place, and I felt just awful being at work. Thanks to my amazing mother in law, Kaden got to experience his first St Paddy's Day parade with his new favorite friend, Seamus. He absolutely loved it and couldn't stop talking about it all day. The weather was gorgeous and it was such a beautiful day to be outside! Yippee for longer days and more gorgeous sunlight!

I miss writing my little guy his monthly letters! I said that at two I would stop, but I feel like i just might do them sporadically when I feel I need to. I will do a full letter soon, but for now, here are some favorite of yours at *the moment* little man....

* definitely scare the beejezuz out of your mama with your *sixth sense*.

*the last thing you said before you closed your eyes tonight...tomorrow, no daycare. no scary guys(?).

*favorite munchies..goldfishies.

*favorite person on the planet...Un.Brah.

*favorite book/chant...polar bear polar bear, what do you hear? ( thing ever.)

*favorite cup...a shot glass. So far I have won the battles with you wanting me to send it to daycare with you, seeing as you don't quite comprehend yet what it means to have social services called on you!

~favorite shot glass.

~chopped my hair off. I seriously did not care what he did to it, I completely left it in his hands...I think I have come a LONG way from the days of curling every little piece of my hair at 4am! And why did I live in LA for ten years and never find someone who knew how to cut my hair?! I am so happy to have found The Parlour, and my hairguy is "Chad", which of course was a good sign! And hello 30 bucks for a cut and a glass of wine!

~chuggin his green milk to get in the spirit for the st paddys day parade.


~ridiculous sweetness.

~this insane playground is just around the bend from our new place in back of an elementary school.

~the owwie he got from falling off the front step and face planting into a planter. I will miss out on the mommy of the year award for sure for that one.

~our new favorite reading spot.

~bubbles in the backyard.

~golfishies like to do bubbles too.

~daddy reading his favorite page of Oh the places you will go.

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  1. nugs and i are soul-mates on so many levels ('sides our cool nickname). *sixth sense*, goldfish, bubbles, and we're both clumsy.

    i miss you and i LOVE your new hair! you'll have to introduce me to the place that serves wine for $30 bucks! that would run me almost $100 here. ha!