Thursday, January 13, 2011

*shovels and marshmallows*

~watchin the wiggles with daddy in his new favorite chairs.

I feel like I have been so out of touch with blog land! I started working a new schedule at work this week (which I LOVE, 3 1/2 days, hello!), and squishing all of the paperwork and seeing all of my clients into a few days leaves little time for me to write.

Chad and I had a chance to have a *night out* last weekend (thanks mamaw and papaw!), and we ended up hanging with Bri and Suzanne and having a killer time! Of course this is the one time I forgot my camera, so I have no fun pics to share. We crashed at their place and woke up to Denver's first real snowfall of the season! A blizzard had hit Denver while we slept. After driving about 15mph (I got some super nasty looks) all the way to mamaw and papaw's house, I discovered that kaden was having the time of his life, helping papaw shovel the driveway and tasting hot cocoa for the first time, aka *hot chocolate milk*.

We also took him to his two year dr's appt on Monday. I was really nervous to see how much weight he has gained, as the dr was a little concerned the last time we came in. When we took him in September, he weighed the same that he had in June, and they were hoping he would have gained a little more. He gained two punds and is up to a whoppin 26.8lbs (he feels a little closer to 40 to me!). It's kind of amazing that the little man eats like a horse and I put extra butter and cheese in everything and he is still not gaining all that much!

~pretty much the coolest hairdo on the planet.


  1. he DOES have the coolest hair on the planet. love the forrest gump shot! ;o)

  2. my son loves to shovel too! And loves hot chocolate..cute pics!