Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I heart owls and will force my son to heart them too.

I love owls. My mama collected them, and over recent years, I have developed an intense love affair with them as well. Kaden is in love with pinecones. Above you may see that we made some little pinecone owls, or you may not....they kind of just look like little creepy deformed birds, but I am going to go ahead and tell kaden they are owls.

~In search of pinecones for his collection...and also telling me to "put camera away mama".

~In the art room at Lil Monkey Bizness, I love watching him paint....such sweet innocence.

~kaden got his new potty in the mail today. He already has a killer throne that was made in Amish was gifted by Grandpa Miller and it is just too pretty to poo in! Our hope is that eventually he will use that as his primary toddler potty, but in the meantime, we thought it would be good to teach him on one similar to the one he will have at his daycare. He immediately grabbed a pilllow and renovated his *throne* into a little cozy armchair, and demanded I try out his new potty first.


  1. we have been collecting pine cones, too. Not for crafts, just for building fires. You need a reason to go out in the cold, so it seems like pine cones are it. Cute owls!

  2. so cute!


    howd he feel about you sitting on his potty? haha