Saturday, January 29, 2011

gorgeous weekend.

It was a gorgeous weekend in Denver and we took full advantage! We made sure to be outside as much as possible and enjoy the amazing days. Sadly, this beautiful weather has gone away for a bit, and we are expecting a high of 6 tommorow. I'm learning that Denver's weather is a bit biploar and leaves you not knowing what to expect next.

~the view on the hill of the "purple mountains"

~our favorite park in Stapleton was completely packed for a friday morning!

~practicing handstands.

~opening up a Vday gift from Uncle Larry and Aunt Gloria, a new favorite toy!

~reading on the floor, brining his entire bed onto the floor!

~and this is kaden a half hour after we put him to bed....he was completely mesmerized by his new toy.


  1. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! Kaden is adorable. :) And what a view your park has!

  2. no shoes at central park = awesome day. Glad you made the most of our sunny moment.