Sunday, January 16, 2011

*please don't grow up so fast*

~a blueberry smoothie stache.

We reached a milestone I wasn't quite ready for this weekend....kaden has decided he is part monkey and has been climbing out of his bed in the morning. On Friday morning, he didn't even cry, I just woke up to the sweet sound of little feet pitter pattering across the floor, and then the sweet face of my little man saying "climb down. get up." I was hoping it was a one time thing, but sure enough for his nap that day, he was bound and determined to get down, and he fell and hurt his mouth on a toy. This is why there was a mass consumption of smoothies for the rest of the day, hence the beauty of the shot above.

We spent Saturday evening at Mamaw and Papaw's house, celebrating Uncle Brian and Aunt Suzanne's happy birthdays, which are within days of each other. Molly came too, and is becoming a BFF of kadenmonster. It's always a good time when we all get together!

~kaden's favorite new hiding place, mamaw's pantry closet.

~sharing is good.

~feeding molly a treat! I love the puzzle piece randomly stuffed in his hoodie.

~enjoying his first taco

~helping Uncle Brah and Soooooozanne blow out their bday candles!

~super impressed with daddy's juggling skillz.

~and Uncle brah's skillz as well!

~snuggly little sleepyhead.

~zebras playing in the snow.

~We also have been getting so much use of our zoo membership that we got as a gift for Xmas. Kaden and i just stopped by to say hello to some of our "friends" the other day. The giraffes were inside eating and they were so crazy close and GINORMOUS up close. Kaden loves giraffes and had a ceramic little giraffe with him. He has amazing aim.....and that my sweet little boy threw his giraffe right inside the cage! I was thinking "fugettaboutit", but after seeing him so sad, I climbed under the guard rails and stuck my hand in their cage and saved the day. Mother of the year or ridiculously stupid crazy lady? You be the judge! How dangerous are giraffes anyway? They seem pretty harmless!

~rainy day at the park? nope. kaden is just slightly obsessed with umbrellas.

My cousin Jena emailed me this oldie but goodie of my Mama and my Auntie Marge (Jena's mama). I wanted to post it because 1) how pretty are they? and 2) It is so rare to find pics of my mama...I think there are 10 in circulation TOTAL. She despised the camera, and I have about 200 pics of her with her hand over her face....and 3) this saturday was the anniversary of the moment that changed my world forever...and I want to celebrate how blessed I am to have had her as a mother for as many years as I did.

~Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.


  1. SO beautiful, Jenny! I see you in your Mom. And I see you in K! And you ARE a HERO - I seriously would not have gotten that giraffe for fear of a) big bitten by a giraffe (do they bite?) and b) touching giraffe poo! I bet that never even crossed your mind, did it, Supermama!! <3

  2. what a beautiful photo of your mamma's
    i see both of you in them....<3

    I love her for having you....and know with every spiritual part within me that she is there along side you sharing in the moments.. smiling big with any camera in sight beaming of peace within her, and pride and love for you... <3

  3. i love the photo of mamma too! wow.

    i also enjoy the random puzzle piece in the hoodie! i love how you notice the little stuff.

    i hope one day very soon, that i can hang out with kaden enough that he'll be cool with me babysitting one night so you and chad can have a mommy and daddy playdate. tell him that i miss him and i'm glad he loves his gloves! heheeeeee