Monday, January 17, 2011

*family time*

It's so rare that the three of us have a whole day together and absolutely nothing on the agenda. We had an awesome day just playing around and doing a lot of giggling.

We started playing at the purple park down the was a gorgeous day, almost 60! Have I mentioned lately that I love Colorado? The sun shines so bright, and even on the snowiest days it doesn't feel so super duper cold because of that beautiful sunshine!

After kaden's nap, we hit up *free day* (I am a little obsessed with free days, such a good excuse to get out and explore something new!) at the Denver Botanic Gardens. Kaden and i had been in the summertime, and the flowers were so beautiful then, and being a winter day today, I wasn't sure what it would be was just as beautiful.

~checkin out one of Henry Moore's sculptures.

~gorgeous luna up above!

~my camera just doesn't catch sunsets the way I wish it would!

~love this.

~it took him about 10 minutes to fully realize what this crazy foreign instrument is used for!

~a first taste of...

~milkshakes and cheeseburgs. yum!

and a raging tummyache for ALL involved....

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