Wednesday, July 21, 2010

swim fishie swim.

From the moment he wakes up in the morning, kaden points to the door and says POOOOOOOOOOL. It doesn't matter where we are. He knows that all of his favorite people have pools that he loves to play in, and whenever we visit, usually within the first five minutes, kaden will shout POOOOOOL!!!!

~daddy teaches me to swim underwater!

~mastering the art of the backfloat

As much as we love having a pool at our place, we much prefer Mamaw's toddler pool at her place! Kaden loves that he can touch the bottom and stand up, and you can tell he is super proud of his "swimming skills" when he is in the toddler pool!

We spent Sunday at Mamaw and Papaw's place to celebrate Papaw's happy birthday, and kaden proved to me that he is in fact my child by finally devouring a cupcake!

~happy birthday Papaw!!!

Mamaw and Papaw went ahead and got kaden a gift for Papaw's birthday...his first little hot wheels trike! Kaden helped Papaw put it together, and then hid one of the pieces, causing much havoc in the trike building extravaganza!

and besides swimming, kaden also adores playing pool and watching papaw's choochoo trains!

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