Monday, July 26, 2010

he's got skills

One of the many things I adore about summertime is all of the outdoor festivals concerts. In Los Angeles, we loved the cemetery screenings and concerts by the pier, and here in denver...well we have definitely fallen in love with Jazz in the Park! City Park is such a beautiful place, but throw some fantastic music, dancing, furry friends, so many little people running around having a BLAST, wine and treats (and the CUPCAKE TRUCK), and an amazing crowd of friendly souls combined with a guaranteed incredible have yourself a magical night!

We have gone a few times before, and had a fabulous time with friends and kind of lingered in the background of the park under a cozy tree. This time, with Mamaw and Papaw in tow, we brought along our grill and wine, and decided to really introduce kaden to the music!The Cocktail Revolution was playing, and I swear the entire city came out! In these pics, you can just see a small crowd of people behind them, but the crowd branches out for miles on either side of the is so much fun! Kaden has never been around a live band before, and with his love for music, we were excited to see his reaction...

his first impression...

sorry for the massive video footage...I wanted to keep each them short and sweet!

We also took Kaden for his first bike ride this weekend! He absolutely LOVED it! Chad had researched bike seats for a long time and had his heart set on the IBert. Of course it is a little on the pricey side, so Chad has been stalking Craigslist and finally was able to snag one. We got him a little helmet and decided to take him for his first spin! I got to ride in front of them, and everytime i turned around, he was beaming!

~I got my hat on. Let's DO this!

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