Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random Wednesday

~playing with uncle bri at the park.

~not so much into my photo opp...he just wanted to make choochoos.

~giving big bird the side eye.

~saying "two"....this is his new favorite word! we count to three, we do one and three, and he says two.

~just like daddy

~kaden making a new friend.

~Mamaw and her incredible friend Angel, such a wonderful soul!

~Papaw introduced Kaden to the four wheeler...he was smitten with the whole idea, that is until Papaw turned it on!

~This sweet Elmo tee was a hand-me-down from Kaden's buddy Dreyvin back in LA who he misses terribly. He will point to his picture and giggle this sneaky little laugh. Anyway, we put this way too big tee on him one night when all his jammies were dirty and it was his "nightshirt". He did a whole song and dance with it...so happy about all things elmo!

~realizing who is on the front of his shirt...so flippin excited!

~this is what storytime with daddy looks like :)

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