Tuesday, July 27, 2010

blissful days

~kaden having a zen moment at denver botanical gardens

~contemplating taking a dip.

~Uncle Brian and Aunt Suzanne took Kaden for his first slumber party last week (so mommy could drag daddy to see Eclipse!)and he had such an awesome time! And of course he slept till 9! I am lucky if he will sleep till 6 (being the latest!) with us. We all met up for breakfast the next morning at Brian's bar that he works at, Atomic Cowboy which is easily one of the funnest bars ever. They have board games, and what's even more amazing, they have a huge kids crate with some of the coolest toys for kids to play with. A bar for breakfast? The Denver Biscuit Company serves breakfast there, and it was the most amazing biscuit sandwich I have ever had! SO yummy! Kaden had so much fun exploring the place afterward...

~loving his new ride

~I took Kaden to the Littleton Historical Museum, not for a history lesson, but so that he could see his favorite animal...a cow. I love the disappointment in his face in this pic below...his first cow is brown and not white with black spots. He looked so confused...I guess this is his first lesson in all things are different on the outside, but a cow is still a cow on the inside!

~yogurt DOES make a great hair conditioner...smart boy!

~hey mom, these are actually pretty yummy! Kaden has turned into a bit of a picky eater, and like most little ones, has decided he has no time for veggies in his world. Thanks to the amazing website, Weelicious, we have found some sneaky solutions to get him some veggies! These are the Tex Mex Rice cakes, and they are super yummy for everyone!

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