Saturday, July 11, 2009

the office collection

So today we went our first mommy and me class! I have been looking for a mommy and me class for MONTHS, but it seems like everyone ctaers to the Stay at Home Mommy when it comes to these classes. Working mommies need special time too! I found this class through a friend, and it is exactly what I had been looking for! It's taught by a child development specialist, it's small and intimate, and serves as a mommy support group as well as a spcial mommy and me playtime, and God knows I need at some new songs to sing to the poor little nugget. He is so tired of itsy bitsy spider!

He absolutely LOVED this class. He is not used to being around so many other babies his age, since his daycare is mostly older kids. He just stared and laughed at the other babies, and he appeared to want to do whatever his new little friend that sat beside us was doing. If he was eating, he wanted to eat too. If he was sitting by himself, he wanted to try that too. If he was on his tummy, he decided he needed some tummy time as well. We are going to miss next week as we will be in NY, but we are so looking forward to the next class!

We also went to say our goodbyes to Gina and James today. They are moving to Fresno and we are going to miss them so very much! This was Kaden's first meeting with their amazing doggie Oscar! Kaden loved him so much.

In other news...kaden finally like an orange food! He loves carrots! Unfortunately, as a result, HE is turning a lovely orange color as well. His bootie is stained a lovely shade of orange! I had never head this, and even though I know it is normal, I think I will hold off on the carrots for a bit.

Jena took so many amazing shots during her last few weeks in California, and to celebrate her arrival back to New York, I thought I would post some faves from her "office collection". She always has a way of capturing so many amazing expressions. I can't pick a favorite!


  1. So glad you found such a fun and perfect mommy and me class! I hope to find something like that down here.... my fingers are crossed that one actually exists. And, of course I love all of the photos, too! Amazing things happen when you mix a good photographer with an adorable little face!

  2. Such a sweet face Kaden has! I could just bite him! Good luck with his orange buns! :)

    -Jenn Y.

  3. Jena really is GREAT at capturing him!! I love his "office" and all his expressions. It's truly hard to contain myself over here. strangers know who kaden redwood miller is. ;o)

  4. p.s. this is the link to my blog.

    the one you have is jacked up for some reason... just, you know. putting it out there ;o) xo