Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Got Tooth?

we have a tooth!!! Kaden's middle tooth on the bottom finally popped on through, and the second one is on the way. He is such a little brave soul, and really did not express his anger about the first one coming through. The second tooth seems to be battling quite a bit with him and the poor little man is struggling with the pain. Lots of hugs and cuddles don't seem to be doing the trick. Sophie the giraffe does not seem to be soothing him much anymore, as she did with the first one. I heard amazing things about this homeopathic remedy Camilia, but it doesn't seem to be doing the trick either. I was waiting outside the door at Whole Foods this morning before going to work to check out Hylands teething tablets after a loooooooong night of no sleep for either of us. I ended up giving him Motrin, but I am hoping to find something a little more natural that is equally as good. My poor little man, when he hurts, I hurt too....

Chad and Kaden had a special daddy day today at the park and Kaden went on the little swing all by himself for the first time! Chad took this amazing video of him! He loves it! I am taking him again this Friday on my day off since he had so much fun!

Jena Gabinahead knew that I absolutely love Kaden's squishy little naked bod, so she snapped these ridiculously precious shots before she fled town. I'm sure Kaden will hate me one day for posting these, but HOW could I not?

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  1. Congrats on the first chomper, Kaden!! :) These pics are adorable and gorgeous, as always! And, by the way, Jen - I don't think I've ever mentioned how I think your "Sweet Pea" song in the background is the most perfect melody to listen to as you read/look through all "amazing things Kaden" on your blog!