Thursday, July 23, 2009

kadens first vacation!

Were back and recovering from our amazing journey to the east coast! what an incredible lovefest it was! We had such a wonderful time, and wish we could have stayed for a while longer! Kaden was so happy to meet his Aunt Kerry and Uncle Tobe, and all his amazing cousins and "TTs". He had so much fun staying at Poppys and Jennifers house, and he had a blast bunkin with the boys at Uncle Tobes! Everyone got together and threw him a Welcome Kaden party, and he got a chance to meet so many amazing souls! It was so wonderful....awesome food, so much love, and the rain even managed to stay away for the day! Kaden got a little overstimulated seeing so many beautiful faces smiling at him, but being the hyper emotional little man, just like his mommy, I know it was his way of marinating in the lovefest and loving every minute of it!

these were taken in the airport during our layover at O'Hare...he was such a good boy and braved the flight like the rockstar that he is! Several people told us that he was amazing on the flight...I'm sure those were the same people that saw us sit down when we got on the plane and groaned at the possibilities of sitting next to an infant on such a long flight!

kaden's first meeting with his cousins and aunt kerry and uncle tobe...

my amazing nephew Nick actually took this one below! what a great shot!

ryan and nora introduced kaden to the wonders of baby mozart

kaden loved hangin out over at Poppys and Jennifers house!

taking a bath at poppys house!

we celebrated uncle tobe's 30th bday!

kaden went in the hot tub for the first time with all of his cousins!

spent the day at the zoo with uncle tobe and the fam!

checkin out a bee colony with daddy

the little guy had a bit too much fun at the zoo....

and here are some shots from the fabulous kaden lovefest!

baby Cole and ginormous Kaden.

three of the cutest little princesses you will ever meet!

chad took this just before we started to say our goodbyes..had he taken it about ten minutes later, he would have gotten the sobfest. I like this one better!

and I took this as we mellowed out at the ROC airport waiting to make our way back to lala land...listening to the thunderstorm, reading books, and talking about all the loved ones we are so going to miss!!!!


  1. (SIGH!) Such an awesome document of your trip home, Jen!! I enjoyed every single one of those pictures!! And, videos! Seriously, how does Kaden always have such a perfect and big smile on his little face!? He is one happy camper! Looks like you had a fabulous time and I'm so sorry I wasn't there to see you guys! I'll still bank on my holiday trip home in 2010 to see you guys then! :)

  2. oh goodness Jenny, i'm so glad you got a blog posted so soon! how fun that you got to visit your home and show off nugs ;o)!!!!! he is so freaking adorable i can't stand it!!

    "kaden isn't a bag-a-bones, he's a bag-a-biscuits" LOL!!!

  3. such a wonderful group of pics! luv' your new mommie hairdo! such a great style 4u!! i am so glad to see lil' man has a tooth~ taking a break from fb for awhile ;) so i'll see y'all on here mamaseata...xoxoxo