Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy 6 months Kaden!

Dear Kaden,

You are 1/2 a year today! I can barely even take a moment to catch my all seems to be going by so fast, and I'm starting to want it to slow down a bit! This past month has been amazing, you are starting to do SO much! You started to roll, which is wonderful and scary at the same time. Mommy has a hard time seeing you sleep on your tummy! I can't help but come in and peek at you 35 times to make sure you are breathing! You seem to sleep for a longer period on your tummy, which makes for a happy mommy! It's crazy that only a month ago, you despised tummy time, and now you absolutely can't get enough of it.

You are starting to sit up, with a little help from mommy and daddy at this point, but you are getting so close to doing it all on your own! Eating bananas and avocado and sometimes we get crazy and give you bananacados, which seems to go over far you are so not a fan of sweet potatoes and squash as evidenced below...

You LOVE to laugh, whether you are being tickled or thrown in the air, or daddy is making a crazy face at you, you have so many different laughs, and every single one makes my heart burst right out of my chest!

I get a little misty when I look at you and see my little BOY, and not the little tiny baby I held in my arms so just a few short months ago. Now I get a little bit winded when I hold you in my arms for long periods! I love seeing you grow, but it is all happening so fast, I just want to slow it all down a little so that we don't miss a thing!

Your sixth month birthday was a busy one, and we didn't have a chance to get our usual birthday shot of you smiling and laughing and being your goofy self. You came to visit me at work today, you flirted with all my co workers and mommy had so much fun showing you off! Then you went with Daddy for your weekly Balboa Park visit and had so much fun looking at all the trees and waving to the ducks! The crazy traffic jam that you got stuck in on the way home made you VERY mad, and you were not so much in the mood to party for your birthday when you got home. Your amazing Auntie Jena is only here for a few more days before she moves back to NYC, and we are all going to miss her SO MUCH! You got to spend some time playing with her today and listening to gangsta rap, which she says you absolutely loved. She took some fun photos of you and mommy and daddy too, to document your half a year celebration!

You, little mr kaden redwood, have made my world more incredible than I ever would have imagined, and I am so grateful. You are an amazing little man, and I just can't wait to see what is next for you!!!!

your mommy


  1. where are the words for how much love i feel when i read this!!!
    i'm so glad you are a mommy

  2. Aww Jenny - this is so sweet! I cannot believe how fast he is growing either!! SIX months! I'm taking note to make sure and not wish ANY time away once our little one gets here - I can see how fast it goes. You guys will just have to have another beautiful blessing so that you can re'live it all again! :) I love every single one of the pics you have in this post - adorable! Happy 1/2 Birthday Kaden! I love you and I haven't even met you yet! :)