Saturday, July 4, 2009

bye bye TT Gabeen!

My JenaGabinahead (translates to my cousin Jena)started her journey back to NYC today. We were so sad to let her go, but so happy she was able to spend the last year with us. It was hard to say goodbye, but most of all, Kaden didn't want to let go of her shades...

Kaden also is soooooo excited about Mamaw and Papaw getting a house in Vegas. He would NOT take off Jena's visor as it reminded him of all the fun trips he is going to take out to see them!


  1. What a great year to move out to be closer to one another. Her discovering where she wanted to plan her roots, and you having family by your side with the birth of Kaden. Worked out pretty well, huh. Yeah for timing!!!

  2. Awww, I can see the weepy eyes :( Wonderful you two got this year together- truly. Why did she move back? Did she miss NY or is Pammy referring to LA and she is coming back eventually?