Tuesday, November 1, 2011

*happy halloween 2011*

Halloween was so much fun this year! We hit up Boo at the Zoo, Old Gaylord Street Fest and then finished the night off with some good ol fashioned trick or treating. It was so much fun to take my *two* lil ones trick or treating this year! Kaden got a LOT of candy, and we were a bit perplexed what to do with it all, since he doesn't really eat sweets or candy of any kind. We let him have a few pieces on Halloween and he slept horribly and had a tummy ache all day. I am thinking that the Halloween fairy may have to come one night this week, take all the candy and maybe leave a special toy in it's place. In the meantime while I am trying to decide if that is *the best* plan, I will continue making sure that the Reese's Peanut Butter Cups make their way safely to the bottom of my belly.

Speaking of bellies, I am 17 weeks this week and HUGE. So far, I feel awesome and feel truly blessed not to have more uncomfortableness or morning sickness. We have another ultrasound this next Monday and I can't wait to see the little nugget, part 2! We are choosing not to find out the sex of the little one. There are few surprises in life, and this is one we feel is worth the wait.

Here is a look at the weekend in pictures!

~a high five for mrs elephant at Boo at the Zoo.

~kaden's future wife.

"my mommy tried to make me wear that last year!" getting retraumatized by elmo ;)

~lil monkey.

~drum session with daddy.

~kaden and julia havin a crazy fun time at chipotle.

Kaden is so smitten with Julia. He always asks her if he can have a hug, and she says in her sweet and dainty voice, "No thank you". Kaden apparently couldn't handle the rejection any longer, and grabbed her face and planted a huge kiss right on the mouth!

~posing in the Gnome Village at Old Gaylord Street Fair...

~he just watched these older boy's every move at the Old Gaylord Street Fair.

~trick or treatin. kaden had this constant giggle the whole time...he loved every second of it.

~playing cards post trick or treatin.

~the squirrels tore up our pumpkins. This gang of squirrels is completely ruthless! They are so aggressive and they go after what they want and take no prisoners. These are the same guys that broke into our kitchen on four separate occasions. Killer squirrels!

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